Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Summer

Long time, no blog! :) Ben and I had grand plans for a "simple summer" that involved a whole lot of nothing. We had the cable turned off and decided to go "unplugged" for the summer. We envisioned a simple summer of lazy days at the beach, nights in with the children, and spending most of our time at home as a family. Well, reality hit and those plans went right out the window! Our simple summer has been anything but. It's still been wonderful and fun, but simple is not the best word to describe it.

Our last month, in a nutshell....

Whitt still has therapy every morning, and in between that we've managed to squeeze in Emma Claire's third birthday, Whitt's first birthday, a trip to Gee Gee and Pop Pop's house, a trip to Nannie and Granddaddy's beach house, a new kitten for two weeks, losing that new kitten (so sad!), Whitt's first haircut, six stitches in Grayson's chin, and lots of play time at the park, beach, and pool, among other things.

So sorry I haven't blogged in the past month, but I do have lots of new pictures from the birthday parties, beach trip, etc. that I plan on uploading very soon! Until then, here are a few pictures of my cutie pies. I hope everybody is having as fun of a summer as we are!

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