Monday, February 23, 2009


The "Top of the Rock"
First belly picture--20 weeks
The Guggenheim
Times Square, right outside our hotel
My new ring from Tiffany's!! :)

I'm here! I'm here! We returned home last night from a fabulous trip to New York City (my Christmas present from Ben) and I just had to blog about it so I don't lose what little amount of readers I have left after this blogging drought. :) 

Ben and I left at the crack of dawn Thursday morning---literally, the plane left at 6:15 am and we had checked into our hotel and were on our way to breakfast by 9am. Not bad! We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance in the heart of Times Square, and could not have been in a better location. The hotel was perfect and had great views of Times Square--I'd definitely stay there again and recommend it to anybody planning a trip to NYC. We packed as much as we could into the 3 days/nights we had there, and besides the bitter COLD weather, wouldn't change a thing. Some highlights include eating at Nobu (my FAVORITE!!) and Ouest, seeing Phantom of the Opera and Wicked (loved, loved, loved it!), going to the top of Rockefeller Center for a killer view of the city, doing an amazing Foods of NY tour in Greenwich Village (highly recommend this), touring the Guggenheim (not into art and most of it was very strange, but my architect hubby loved the building), shopping til we just about dropped, and getting the best 30th birthday present from Tiffany's! Baby boy must have enjoyed New York because he didn't stop kicking/bumping/wiggling the whole time. He's the only one of our children who came with us, and was very well-behaved if I do say so myself. :) 

My wonderful in-laws kept the children for us and it was so nice to enjoy ourselves and know that Grayson and Emma Claire were having just as much fun at home with Gee Gee and Pop Pop. Thanks again, Nancy and Carroll! 

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Afternoon at the beach

The weather was beautiful last Sunday so Ben took Grayson to the beach for some playtime while Emma Claire and I spent the day laying around being sick. I'm glad I insisted that he take the camera--I think the pictures turned out pretty cute! 

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Sick baby

Poor Emma Claire spent a few days earlier this week not feeling well, but at least I got some cute pictures out of it. :) She's doing much better now....I, however, don't remember the last time I felt this bad. Both my regular doctor and my OB just want to "treat my symptoms" and hold off on antibiotics until I've had this respiratory infection for FOURTEEN DAYS. I'm on day 6 and not feeling any better....cross your fingers that I improve before we leave for NYC next Thursday! 

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Grayson flashback...

Christie and I pregnant with Grayson and Sanders--I was 31 weeks and she was 36
I think he was around 6 months here
one of my very favorites ever!

Sanders, Henry, and Grayson's 1st birthday party
He still makes this face :)
Grayson and Sanders

Grayson and Salty, our cat that we had to find a new home for after he bit Grayson on the face (not the same day as this picture)
maybe 5 months or so

I was going through old pictures last night, and I just had to share these adorable pictures of Grayson as a baby. He was SO stinking cute, especially with that crazy hair that stood straight up. I hope new baby brother looks just like him! :)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Grayson funnies

2009 is not proving to be a good blogging year for me so far...I hope I still have readers left! We're still dealing with sick children around here, and now I'm coming down with a chest cold. I'm so ready for Spring to get here so we can get well and stay well! Hopefully sicknesses will disappear soon and more hours in the day will magically appear so I can find time to update my blog more often! :)

In the meantime (no pictures to post...nobody looks cute these days with the snotty noses and red eyes!), I thought I'd post a few funny things that Grayson has said lately. He makes us laugh so many times every day---I just love this kid!!! 

In the car a couple of days ago, Emma Claire dropped her stuffed monkey and Grayson decided that she needed to be reprimanded. Just imagine this being said in a very stern, Mommy-like tone...

"LISTEN to me, Emma Claire!! Grayson says NO!"

I wonder where he's heard that.... :) 

Yesterday the children wanted me to get out their baby doll strollers, which get put away at least once a day because they usually end up slamming them into each other and somebody gets hurt/angry/etc....

Me: "Okay, you can play with your strollers, but if I see either of you banging your stroller on the other one then I'm taking them away."

Grayson: "Then how about you just don't see us banging them? "

I think he's a ten year old smarty-pants in a three year old body! 

At Ben's parents house a couple of weekends ago, Grayson and Emma Claire were were looking at all of the little birds that were eating at a feeder hanging right outside their back door. 

Grayson: "I see a bald eagle!!!!"

Um, I think we need a refresher course on animals and birds...see below...

That same day, we were driving back home and passed a field of cows.

Grayson: "LOOK! I see ELEPHANTS!!!!"

And speaking of a refresher course on animals, I was showing him an online video of the circus that we were going to see (last weekend), and when a bunch of little Dachshunds (wiener dogs) were shown running around together, I asked Grayson what they were...his response: camels. :) 

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