Saturday, October 31, 2009

The difference a year makes

Halloween 2008
Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, Mom?

Dear Mommy,
Did you really drive me to the church that sells pumpkins just for the sole purpose of propping me up next to some big orange things and taking my picture?
Could you tell I wasn't that into it?
Did you ignore the lady's warning about the ants and let me get an ant bite on my leg?
Did you really think I was having a great time?

I understand that I'm here for your entertainment and all, but enough is enough. I'd rather hang out with you at home in our air conditioned house instead of out here by these hot, ant-covered pumpkins. Thanks, Mommy! :)

Love, Whitt

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Little old man

I just love the way baby boys look like little old men. My little old man will be FOUR months old in a few days....he's growing too quickly! Sorry I've been away from the blog lately---Whitt and I got hit with the flu (still waiting to hear from DHEC to find out if it was the piggy flu or not) last week, and it was rough. My wonderfully fabulous husband was back and forth from the office and home, trying to work and take care of us and Grayson and Emma Claire, who thankfully never caught it. Whitt has been sleeping terribly (most nights he's up 5-15 times a night....UGH!!!) and exhaustion has been taking its toll on Ben and me, but I just got out my favorite baby sleep book and I'm starting to implement a semi-strict routine that will hopefully help this boy to start sleeping better.

Halloween pictures coming soon!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Punkin pash

The little exhibitionist learned that lifting her dress helped her to cool off a bit...

My sweet babies

Buddies---Grayson, EC, Hayes, and Nate
Sweet, beautiful Sterling
Checking out the animals with Daddy
Grayson and Nate on the "Haytona Speedway" :)
Grayson, Tyler, and Sanders

We went to the "punkin pash" (another bit of Grayson-ese for you) on Saturday and almost melted! It was over 90 degrees, very buggy...and did I mention HOT??? It wasn't the best pumpkin patch trip we've ever had, but the children didn't mind the heat and had a great time. I love Fall---now hoping that our weather turns fall-ish sometime soon! :)

Just noticed that I don't have any pictures of Whitt. He was in the Baby Bjorn the whole time, but he seemed to enjoy his first trip to the Punkin Pash! :)

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy fall wreath

My adorable friend Erin inspired me to make this super cute fall wreath, and I love how it turned out. It was so easy to make---you just need a grapevine wreath, some pretty ribbon, and floral wire. I'm already planning on making one for Christmas...and Valentine's Day...and St. Patrick's Day...and Easter..... :)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Lord's Prayer, gas, and Poison Control

This video has many elements. First, there is my 2-year-old daughter saying the Lord's Prayer (which is pretty darn cute, if you ask me) while getting distracted by ten thousand different things. Then, there is my baby who is nursing while I'm filming (not pictured, for obvious reasons) and lets out a nice little toot a few seconds into the video. Finally, at the very end you hear my 4 year old let out a loud squeal/scream, which, after I stopped filming, I discovered was caused by him squirting hand sanitizer into his eye. Two phone calls (to the pediatrician and Poison Control) and lots of eye flushing later, all was well. :) I promise, life in our house is never boring!!

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On a whim...

We were playing in the backyard (or "back ard", as Grayson says) yesterday and on a whim I grabbed my camera and a blanket and spent five minutes trying to capture some shots of the three children together. Oh, how I wish I knew more about cameras and photography, because I just love taking pictures of my sweet babies!

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Grayson--3 months old
Whitt--3 months old
Emma Claire--4 months old

What do you think?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

How YOU doin'?

Has anybody noticed the "follow me" button on my left side bar? I just added it---follow me! I'm finally getting the hang of this 3 kid thing so I promise to be back more often! :)

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Funny story

A few weeks ago we were on the way to school and Grayson asks, "Mommy, when Whitt is a little bigger is he going to get my eyes and then I won't have eyes anymore?" WHAT???? I was stumped as to why he would ask this until I talked to Ben and he pointed out that Grayson must have heard us say that we think Whitt will have Grayson's pretty eyes when he gets older. I love how literal they are at this age!!! :)

Whitt's Grayson eyes....aren't they beautiful?

and just because I thought it was a cute picture. :) This was one of the few days we've had that allowed me to put the kids in pants. I'm SO ready for this hot weather to disappear! It's October and it's still in the 80's....not fun anymore!

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Guess who isn't afraid of dogs anymore!!!
Grayson, EC, and Whitt with their adorable cousin, Dylan:

We were able to see sweet little Dylan last weekend for a little while and actually got everybody to sit together for some pictures---it's a miracle! Isn't Dylan the cutest little thing??

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