Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funny story

A few weeks ago we were on the way to school and Grayson asks, "Mommy, when Whitt is a little bigger is he going to get my eyes and then I won't have eyes anymore?" WHAT???? I was stumped as to why he would ask this until I talked to Ben and he pointed out that Grayson must have heard us say that we think Whitt will have Grayson's pretty eyes when he gets older. I love how literal they are at this age!!! :)

Whitt's Grayson eyes....aren't they beautiful?

and just because I thought it was a cute picture. :) This was one of the few days we've had that allowed me to put the kids in pants. I'm SO ready for this hot weather to disappear! It's October and it's still in the 80's....not fun anymore!

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Andrea said...

Yes, GORGEOUS eyes!