Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry, Merry!

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It was a Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I followed myself around with a camera all day. I like to do a "day in the life" post every once in awhile so I can look back and see what life was like when the kids were a certain age, although this is my first one with pictures. This is definitely the longest post I've ever done, so you may want to skip it since it will probably bore you to tears! :)

Started the day bright and early at 6:30 when Whitt woke up crying for a bottle...

Started a load of laundry (yawn...see, I told you this would be boring!).

Breakfast for kiddos. Nutri-grain Eggos. Yuck-o, but it's their favorite.

My friend M's kiddos, N (4) and S (2) come over every morning at 7-ish and play until I take everybody to school at 8:30. Nobody would stay still long enough for a picture...

It wouldn't be morning if we didn't have a tantrum!

Whitt fell and bumped his head. Poor buddy...never a dull moment, though!

Getting ready to leave for school...after two quick diaper changes, a hunt for both girls' bows and an assortment of shoes and socks, we are off and running!

After everybody was dropped off, Whitt and I met this little cutie, H, and his mama who refused to let me take her picture in her adorable exercise clothes, for our regular Wednesday walk. It was our coldest morning yet and we ended up cutting the walk a bit short and sitting in my car for a little while and chatting. Much more fun (and warm!). :)

Next up, a hair cut appointment for Whitt.
P.S. It's 10:00 am, in case you're wondering. :)

Back home to start another load of laundry--fun stuff, I tell ya!! I wash sheets on Sundays and Wednesdays, so I keep the washing machine and dryer pretty busy on Wednesdays.

Next up, more fun stuff---unloading the dishwasher. Oh yeah, I lead the most glamorous life!

Grocery store, then to school to pick up Grayson. Emma Claire went home with her best friend, Isaac that day for a play date. What an interesting play date that would turn out to be! :)

Home for lunch. My delicious lunch of carrots and hummus, which I ate while fixing Grayson and Whitt's lunch. I had a picture of Grayson and Whitt eating lunch but it got lost in space somewhere and I have no idea how to add a picture to the middle of all of these, so I'll just tell you about it: Grayson and Whitt ate lunch. :)

More laundry.

Whitt went down for a nap. Hooray!

Grayson helped me put clean sheets on his bed,

and his sister's bed. Such a good helper!

Then he stayed upstairs and played

while I started yet another load of laundry

put clean sheets on our bed,

and folded some clothes. During all of this, I got a funny phone call from Isaac's mommy informing me that there had been an "incident" at his house involving some scissors and Emma Claire's hair. Isaac's mommy was crying, I was laughing, and I was dying to see the damage. I hung up the phone, made a phone call to Amy, who had just cut Whitt's hair that morning, and scheduled an appointment for Emma Claire for later that afternoon. :)

As soon as EC got home, I took a quick shower

and dryed and straightened my hair and put on some makeup.

Next, we paid Amy our second visit of the day, where she fixed the damage Isaac had done to Emma Claire's hair....

Like I said, never a dull moment!! :)

Now she has an adorable bob and we still love Isaac to death! :)

So after EC's haircut, we came home and she ate a snack and played with play dough while the boys wrestled

and I fixed supper.

Whitt decided to pull out about 200 plastic baggies and spread them all over the kitchen floor, which kept him and Grayson occupied for a solid fifteen minutes while I cooked. I'll take what I can get, even if it means a mess to clean up afterward!

Ben came home from work just in time to change clothes and join us at the table for supper. We love it when Daddy gets home!

After supper, we cleaned up and put pajamas on and had play time for a little while.

Ben did a little work while Grayson played games on my iPhone.

Goodnight, Whitt! Love you, sweet boy!

Time for bed--somebody is melting down!

We love Richard Scarry books!

Daddy read our daily devotional to our nail biter and his sister....

we brushed teeth...

said prayers...

gave kisses, and it was lights out!

A couple more loads of clothes were begging me to fold them. I looked at them and decided they could wait until the next day.

I thought this looked like more fun.

With this guy. :) Spent the rest of the night hanging out with my hubby and talking about our days and our cute kiddos.

And that's it---my Wednesday, in pictures. If you're still awake, I'm impressed! :)

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