Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007


with the godparents

and the grandparents...

Emma Claire and Gibson were both baptised yesterday. It was a beautiful service and both babies were perfect---no tears! :) We had a brunch at Christie's parents' house afterward and were fortunate enough to share the special day with a large group of our friends and family. God Bless Emma Claire and Gibson!

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Baby Mason

Rebecca and I had to drive through the Clemson campus while we were in the area. I took a picture that could be a postcard! :)

Last Friday, my friend Rebecca and I went to see our friend Allison and her new baby Mason. What a beautiful boy!! It was great catching up with my Clemson buddies (Rebecca, Allison and I were sorority sisters) and to finally meet precious baby Mason. Congratulations, Ally and Josh!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This picture of Emma Claire just might be my favorite one of her ever...

Grayson and his cousin Joey--or "Jody", as Grayson calls him :). We also celebrated Joey's 12th birthday today! Happy birthday, Joey!!

I just love these two pictures of Grayson in motion...

We had a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving with Ben's family today. We ate lots of delicious food and spent time catching up with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Here are some pictures that we took with Ben's Uncle Mike's awesome digital SLR camera---I'm BEGGING Santa for a camera like this!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girls' weekend!!

The adorable oceanfront cottage that we stayed in
Hanging out at the spa...
Dinner at Marshside Mama's

Meg and me
Jen and Christie
Lindsay, Kat, and Meg
Meg leading everybody in song while waiting for our ride :)
Jen, Meg, Lindsay, and Brooks snuggling in bed
Beautiful sunrise from our front porch
This past weekend I went to Daufuskie Island for a girls' weekend to celebrate my friend Jen's 30th birthday. What a FUN weekend!!! We had a great time getting pampered at the spa, drinking wine and laughing our butts off, pigging out at Marshside Mama's, and sleeping all night with no babies to tend to. Ben held down the fort at home with Grayson and Emma Claire and said that it was "so easy". Glad he thought so---all the more motivation to plan the next girls' trip away! :)

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My happy babies...

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Naptime = soap operas and cookie dough

I love being a stay at home mom. It's very rewarding, but also a lot of work. Most days it's constant driving, cleaning, diaper-changing, nursing, and cooking. Some days I beg Ben to stay home and let me go to work in his place (ha!), but most of the time I wouldn't trade what I do for anything in the world. One of my favorite times during the day is naptime. Grayson and Emma Claire nap at the same time so I usually have at least an hour or two where it's quiet and I can do whatever I want to do without having to check on the children every couple of minutes. Today I had to laugh at myself, though---not long after both of them were down for their naps, I literally sat down on the couch, turned on As the World Turns, propped my feet up on the coffee table, and dug into a bowl of cookie dough that I had just made. AH, what a life!! :)

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Breakfast, with a side of politics

This morning I went out to breakfast with two of my best friends, Christie and Meg. John McCain stopped by and joined us for a little while, too. :) He is in town today for a Veteran's Day event and stopped by the little restaurant where we were eating to do a some campaigning. It was pretty cool---the place was PACKED and he gave a great speech that had everybody cheering. We didn't talk to him but had a great view from above where we could see everything perfectly. It's not every day that I take Grayson to school, hang out with a presidential candidate, and then go run errands!

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I took these pictures last week when Grayson went to play at his friend Vann's house. Silly boys loved standing on the table in Vann's nursery!

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