Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girls' weekend!!

The adorable oceanfront cottage that we stayed in
Hanging out at the spa...
Dinner at Marshside Mama's

Meg and me
Jen and Christie
Lindsay, Kat, and Meg
Meg leading everybody in song while waiting for our ride :)
Jen, Meg, Lindsay, and Brooks snuggling in bed
Beautiful sunrise from our front porch
This past weekend I went to Daufuskie Island for a girls' weekend to celebrate my friend Jen's 30th birthday. What a FUN weekend!!! We had a great time getting pampered at the spa, drinking wine and laughing our butts off, pigging out at Marshside Mama's, and sleeping all night with no babies to tend to. Ben held down the fort at home with Grayson and Emma Claire and said that it was "so easy". Glad he thought so---all the more motivation to plan the next girls' trip away! :)

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Andrea said...

How fun! We tried leaving Savannah with my parents this weekend over night but she started having tummy troubles and my mom had to call for us to come there : ( We will try again soon though! Glad you had a good time!