Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things That Remind Me I'm a Mommy (in case I ever forget!)

1. I either step on or sit on toy cars, trucks, or trains multiple times a day.

2. I know all of the cartoon theme songs on the Disney Channel by heart. They play in my head constantly throughout the day.

3. I don't think twice about getting poop on my hand (another thing that happens daily).

4. I love drooly kisses! Never thought I'd say that! :)

5. It's rare that I can go to the bathroom by myself.

6. I can swaddle a baby with my eyes closed.

7. My pocketbook currently holds three pairs of socks, a burp cloth, four pacifiers, and two toy cars. Somewhere else in there are my wallet, keys, sunglasses, and cell phone.

8. I do at least two loads of laundry every day. I have no clue how we go through so many clothes!

9. I can put on my makeup in 2 minutes flat.

10. I can have a 30 minute conversation about breastmilk or baby poop.

11. I worry about lead in toys and polycarbonates in baby bottles.

12. Ben can ask where his "doot" is and I know that he's looking for his watch. We have picked up some of our two-year-old's vocabulary somewhere along this journey in parenthood. :)

13. Saturday mornings are no longer for sleeping in---they're for snuggling in bed with our babies...around 6:30. :)

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Andrea said...

Oh, this made me laugh! So true! Too funny!