Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is it really MAY???

Hello!!! Anybody still out there? I just signed in to write my first post in 5 months and Blogger has totally changed! I guess I shouldn't stay away so long next time! :) I cannot believe it's already May but I'm not especially surprised that it's been this long since I've blogged. Life is CRAZY BUSY, I tell you!

We have had such a fun spring and are gearing up for summertime. I've decided to take the "less is more" approach to life with almost four children so we currently have ZERO scheduled activities. No more dance, no more tennis, no more soccer....just lots of playing in the backyard, having friends over to play, going to friends' houses, traveling to see friends/family on the weekends....and it couldn't be better for our family. We don't lack for things to do but it's so nice to have nothing that we have to do. We even have been regretting to more invitations than we accept, something that wasn't the easiest change for me to make, and it's been amazing how less stressful life is now that we don't have something we have to go to every other hour of the day. 

Here is a short recap of some of what we've been up to over the past few months....

Spring Break in Florida followed by a few days at Edisto. This was our first official family vacation (with just our family of five) and it was amazing. We stayed at a resort in Orlando but didn't leave the resort except one time to go to dinner in Downtown Disney. There were several pools and we stayed on a golf course, so we spent our days at the pool and afternoons/evenings watching the kiddos run around on the golf course. One of our favorite babysitters just happens to live in Orlando and she babysat two nights that we were there so Ben and I could go out to dinner--so much fun!! Disney would have been too much and we never regretted not taking them. Grayson, however, did get surprised last month when my parents showed up and told him they were taking him to Disney World all by himself. :) We are still loving hearing the stories of everything they did and all of the roller coasters that he rode.

Easter Sunday 

Big changes....Whitt moved out of his crib/nursery and upstairs to Grayson's room! We got the boys bunk beds a few weeks ago and they have been a huge success. Whitt naps better in the bunk bed than he did in his crib, and they love sharing a room.

My precious boy goes to school three mornings a week now, and Mommy has a glorious NINE hours every week to run errands and do stuff around the house with no children! I am, however, usually the first one in pickup line at school...after four months I'm still ready to pick up Whitt and Emma Claire. Already dreading the day when everybody is in school full time..seriously, I have nightmares about it. :(

Went to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia a few weeks ago...

 We've been going to the beach as much as we can...

And finally, we are gearing up for baby boy to be here in just five short weeks!!! This was taken last week at 33 weeks. I finally stopped throwing up 24/7 at 28 weeks so I've been trying to soak up every minute of the remainder of this last pregnancy. It was a ROUGH 7 months (enough to convince me for sure that we don't need to have a 5th...I don't know if I could do that again) but I'm feeling great now, thank goodness. Of course, his room isn't ready and all of his clothes are still in bins in the attic, but it will get done eventually! We are super excited to meet our newest blessing, and I find myself constantly daydreaming about holding him and kissing his sweet little cheeks. 

No promises about when I'll be back, but hopefully sooner than later! :) Thanks for sticking around!!!!