Monday, July 28, 2008

Get that energy out!

We have a big bonus room upstairs in our house that we don't know what to do with yet, so right now it pretty much just consists of a mattress on the floor. One of Grayson and Emma Claire's favorite things to do every day is to jump and roll on the mattress. I love it because it helps get some of that never-ending toddler energy out and they fall asleep much more quickly at night. :) Last Friday Grayson's friend, Hayes, came over to play and they had so much fun running and jumping onto the mattress. So cute! 

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So different...

Okay, so even though Grayson has always been a handful in the emotional sense (had terrible colic as an infant, started tantrums before he turned one, and is the king of whining and screaming when he wants something/doesn't get his way/just feels like it), he's never been a wild animal. I have never had to worry about him getting into things he shouldn't in the house or wandering off in public. He just wasn't interested in checking out the kitchen cabinets or climbing on furniture, and he's always stuck by my side when we were out in public. It was pretty nice, to tell the truth...
Until now---my darling little angel daughter who is almost always happy, smiling, and quiet, is into EVERYTHING! She is constantly pulling things out of the kitchen cabinets, putting everything in her mouth (I found an acorn AND a penny in her mouth a few weeks ago!), trying to climb out of her highchair and has now started climbing onto furniture. I walked into the playroom the other day to see Emma Clare standing on the train table---something that has never, ever even occurred to Grayson. And what did he do when he saw his baby sister standing on the train table? Climbed up there and joined her, of course! Who knew that a one-year-old could teach an almost three-year-old naughty tricks? 
My friend Christie thinks it's hysterical because her daughter, Sanders, is the same age as Grayson and has always been the more adventurous one. I never quite understood the stress she has put Christie through until I started dealing with my own wild child. I know that she's only 1 and these things are pretty tame, but after seeing what all Sanders has gotten into over the past few years I am already preparing myself for Emma Claire... :)

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I've got skillz, too!

My friend, Jo, posted on her blog last week about her tutu-making skillz and she inspired me to try it for myself! This is the first tutu I made and while it's certainly not perfect, I do think it's pretty cute. Emma Claire looks adorable in it, but she looks adorable in pretty much anything, right? Better watch out, Martha Stewart!! :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two little monkeys...

jumping on the bed!

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Family time!

My cousin Henry and his wife Jean spent the night with us Monday night on their way from VA to FL. We had a great time hanging out and catching up, and it was so good to see their children, Caroline and Harland. Caroline and Harland are absolutely adorable, as you can see in the pictures. Grayson, on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled about having his picture taken! :)

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13 months old!

A month has already passed since Emma Claire turned crazy is that? She's having a great summer and just gets cuter every day. She's a fabulous sleeper, taking a 1-2 hour morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap and then sleeping from 7pm to 7am. She's still drinking 3 bottles of whole milk every day and I'll probably start to push the sippy cup sometime in the next few weeks. She loves climbing up the stairs and playing with her big brother. Even though she's growing up so quickly, she still seems like such a baby compared to Grayson at this age--but I guess that comes with being the baby of the family. Current favorites are pears, grapes, spaghetti, watermelon, playing outside, chasing the cat, balls, and taking toys from Grayson. :)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tropical Tuesday

The good life--dinner and drinks out on our friends' boat...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A week of firsts!

Modeling the new kicks (and another before picture of her hair)

The before pictures: a total Donald Trump 'do...long and crazy on top with a big swoopy wave. Not very attractive, and usually pulled back in a big clump with a bow! 
See how long it was on top!

Lovin' that lolly! 

The after pictures: a cute little pixie cut!! 

What a busy week it's been for Emma Claire already, and it's only Wednesday! On Monday, she got her first real pair of shoes--the cutest little white Keds, just like Grayson had as his first shoes. Today she had both her first lollypop and her first haircut! I feel like it was just last week that we were doing these things with Grayson---how quickly they grow up! :)

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach trip

It's hard to get a decent family picture with two wiggly children...
Papa and Emma Claire, or "Hollywood", as he calls her (drama queen in the making!) 
Gee Gee and Grayson

I never think that they look alike, but in this picture they have almost identical expressions on their faces. Aren't they beautiful?? :)
Mama and her sweet babies

We had a great week at the beach last week with my in-laws. The children and I drove up to Garden City on Sunday and spent the week with Gee Gee and Papa, and Ben was able to come Thursday afternoon to enjoy a long weekend with us. Grayson and Emma Claire both love the sand and the ocean, and besides not being very good sleepers at night or nappers during the day, it was a great trip. Thanks, Nancy and Carroll!! 

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