Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach trip

It's hard to get a decent family picture with two wiggly children...
Papa and Emma Claire, or "Hollywood", as he calls her (drama queen in the making!) 
Gee Gee and Grayson

I never think that they look alike, but in this picture they have almost identical expressions on their faces. Aren't they beautiful?? :)
Mama and her sweet babies

We had a great week at the beach last week with my in-laws. The children and I drove up to Garden City on Sunday and spent the week with Gee Gee and Papa, and Ben was able to come Thursday afternoon to enjoy a long weekend with us. Grayson and Emma Claire both love the sand and the ocean, and besides not being very good sleepers at night or nappers during the day, it was a great trip. Thanks, Nancy and Carroll!! 

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Andrea said...

Sweet pictures of your babies! They do have the same expression! Too funny!

Beav's Wife said...

Oh Margaret! They are SO precious! I love pics of babies at the beach! :0)

Lillian said...

What fun family times! I love Emma Claire's outfit. Grayson and EC are beyond beautiful!

LSU Melanie said...

Great pictures!!! So So precious..

(fairy) Godmother said...

you guys all make up one heck of a gorgeous family!