Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, Mom?

Dear Mommy,
Did you really drive me to the church that sells pumpkins just for the sole purpose of propping me up next to some big orange things and taking my picture?
Could you tell I wasn't that into it?
Did you ignore the lady's warning about the ants and let me get an ant bite on my leg?
Did you really think I was having a great time?

I understand that I'm here for your entertainment and all, but enough is enough. I'd rather hang out with you at home in our air conditioned house instead of out here by these hot, ant-covered pumpkins. Thanks, Mommy! :)

Love, Whitt

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I heart said...

I remember doing that same type of thing with Kailyn when she was that young. I'd have her propped up in all kinds of settings! LOL

EntertainingMom said...

LOL!!!! Adorable!!!

Alyson said...

I'm pretty sure my kids wrote me similar letters at Whitt's age. As long as they understand they are here for our amusement!

LSU Melanie said...