Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few of our favorite things...

I thought that this blog would be a good place to occasionally document the kiddos' current favorite things. Right now this is our list:

Grayson (22 months):

1. CARS---this is by far his absolute favorite word. He loves playing with toy cars and trucks, looking at real cars, and most of all SAYING the word "car". I seriously probably hear it come out of his mouth over a hundred times a day. Anybody who has been around Grayson recently knows that I'm not exaggerating.

2. Books---I have a little bookworm on my hands! He asks to be read to constantly. Current favorites include any Sandra Boynton book, The Little Engine That Could, any book about colors or animals, and of course, any book about cars or trucks.

3. Playing outside! As soon as the door opens, Grayson runs as fast as he can to get outside (or "ah-ga" as he says). If, for some reason, the door was just opening to let an adult in or out and it turns out that it's not time for Grayson to play outside, a meltdown is guaranteed to occur.

4. His bike---Grayson has the cutest little Radio Flyer bike that my parents gave him for Christmas and he is very skilled on it! It doesn't have pedals so he uses his feet to scoot the bike all over the place, and he looks like a little Fred Flinstone because he gets that bike to move pretty fast. It's very humorous to watch Grayson steer around the dining room table and all over our living room!

5. Bubba and Ya Ya. Bubba is Grayson's bunny blanket---a little blue blanket that has a bunny head on one corner. Bubba goes everywhere that Grayson goes, and we actually have TWO (just in case something happens to one of them). Right now he especially loves having Bubba's ears rubbed on his tummy or relaxing! Ya Ya is Grayson's pacifier...we have no idea why he calls it Ya Ya, but that's its name. Ya Ya and Bubba usually go hand in hand---if he asks for one, he wants the other one too. For now we don't have a problem with his paci but we'll probably start phasing it out sometime in the next year.

6. Laurie Berkner DVD---Grayson has a DVD of this goofy lady named Laurie Berkner who sings silly kids' songs and plays her guitar and's a surefire way to get him to sit down and be quiet at the end of the day when I'm making dinner! :)

Emma Claire is a little simpler for 5 weeks old her favorites include:

1. Sleeping. It's what she does best (and most often)! She prefers to sleep on somebody's chest (in fact, she's asleep in my chest right now as I'm typing this), but the swing is also suitable. :)

2. Eating! Some days it seems like she is attached to me CONSTANTLY. She's a great nurser and her increase in size is proof of that! :) We don't go back to the pediatrician until the end of August but I am already looking forward to finding out how much she weighs...we can definitely tell that she's chunked up considerably.

3. Crying. Emma Claire doesn't cry very much but when she does she puts 1000% of her energy into it! We think that she is going to be very opinionated as she grows older! :)

4. Grayson---she loves watching her big brother! He can even sometimes get her to stop crying momentarily just by standing in her line of sight. I see them becoming great buddies!


Happy 'Lil Family said...

I love all this info... so cute and what a great idea. I hate that we won't be able to get togther this weekend in Laurens. Let me know next time you come to town!

Marie said...

It's so amazing how little she is compared to big-boy Grayson! Amazing how much our boys have grown!

I've been thinking of you often & hope you are well!

Maybe we should meet up before the kiddos go to college! :)

Leah said...

Demitri is car crazy just like Grayson. My house is littered with them. I bet things are going to be so different with EC. She is going to love dolls. How fun!