Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whitt's Birth Day

It's taken me 2 weeks to finally do this post--things have been just a little busy in our household! I thought I'd do a recap of Whitt's birth day and then catch up on posting new pictures of our precious TWO WEEK OLD. 

On Thursday, July 2nd, we headed to the hospital about mid-morning for my scheduled c-section. Both Grayson and Emma Claire were c-sections, so it was nice knowing exactly what was going to happen---there were little nerves, and tons of excitement to meet our new little boy. Ben took this picture of me in our driveway, right before we got in the car to head to the hospital...
We checked in and I got prepped for surgery. They then sent Ben back so he could put on his "gear". At this point, I was so tired of waiting and just wanted to hurry up and get to the OR! 
During the surgery....this is the least-gory picture of them all. :)
Our precious baby Whitt was born at 12:27pm. After he was born, Ben and a nurse wheeled him to the nursery to be weighed and cleaned up while my OB's finished up with me. They sent me to recovery around 1pm and I was in my hospital room by 2:30. We waited a looooonnnnnnnggggg hour for them to bring Whitt to us so I could finally hold him for the first time---during which we chatted with Ben's parents and my mom, and I spent a little while throwing up into a plastic bin. Not the most fun thing to do right after abdominal surgery! When they FINALLY brought Whitt to us, I couldn't get enough of him. It was hard to see him when they held him up for a minute right after he was born, so it was wonderful to finally hold him and get a good look at him. We couldn't believe how much he looked like Grayson--the resemblance is uncanny! 
We had several visitors that afternoon and evening....Uncle Alan,
Aunt Anna,
Aunt Kat,
Aunt Christie,
and Gee Gee. 
We fell in love with our gorgeous boy from the minute we heard his sweet cry, and the past two weeks have been some of the best in our lives. We love you, baby Whitt! :)

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Angela said...

Ok. I am sitting here crying looking at your beautiful pictures and reading the birth story. He is amazing! You are one blessed momma! I LOVE all of his adorable onesies! You gotta share where you find this cute stuff!!!

misadventures of a southern belle said...

It's so funny, because I only know you and your cute family from your blog, but he really looks exactly like Greyson! That's too funny, but did Greyson have brown hair too? Congrats to you!

Megan said...


He is precious! Congrats!


Juliana said...

hey Maggie... he is adorable! I just got back from a trip so I coudn`t see the pics earlier! I had a c-section too and reading your story makes me think that I`m read for another one!! God bless your lovely family! Love and miss you!