Friday, August 20, 2010

Back again!

I'm back! After taking most of the summer off from blogging, I have returned. :) I hope some of you have stuck by me and will remain readers, and I promise I won't stay away for so long again. Like I said in my previous post (over a month ago! How did that happen??), our simple summer was anything but simple, but it was a fun one. School is now back in session and we are regaining somewhat of a routine in our lives. My three little monkeys are all happy and healthy, and for that I am thankful...

I had a grand plan to catch up on all the blogging I meant to do over the summer and do a recap of everything we did, but I may just scratch that plan and start from here. Who knows, we'll see! Happy August, everybody!

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Britton said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years now! I think we have quite a few mutual friends! Glad to see you are back ... your family is beautiful.

"Only God knows how many apples are in each seed."

Liz said...

Margaret, sounds like we've had the same kind of summer! ;) I loooove that picture...they just get more and more adorable by the minute (is that possible?) :) Can't wait to hear about more of what's happening in your lives!

Liz ;)

LSU Melanie said...

Welcome Back!!!

Monica Fernaays said...

Hello Stopping by from Liz's blog!! Love her crafts! Summers are suppose to lazy and slow...doesn't seem the case when you have children!!
Great to meet you!!

Courtney said...

Glad your back. I hear ya on the Simple Summer. Ours was anything but that too!

Angela said...

Oh how you have been missed!!! :) Cute picture and look at how tan Miss EC is!!! Lucky girl. :)
If you must start from the present, can you still include a post about going unplugged? I'm so curious about this and how it worked! :) Okay, I'm done now. haha