Thursday, June 2, 2011

Schooooool's out for summer!

Woohoo!!!! Grayson and Emma Claire's last day of school was last Friday and we have been enjoying every second of summer break so far. We spent the long weekend at Edisto with my brother and his family, and I really think it may have been the best weekend we've had at the beach yet. The kiddos are all so much easier this year---they all pretty much get along well, they have fun playing with each other and aren't so needy, and they love being at the beach so much that we can actually sit down and relax. SO nice! We enjoyed a fun weekend that included swimming, playing in the sand, catching fish with nets, crabbing (and cooking those crabs later that day), playing in a tidal creek behind the beach house, and even getting ice cream from the ice cream truck (a first for Grayson and EC!).

On Tuesday, the kiddos and I made a list of everything they want to do this summer---it includes everything from visiting grandparents and friends to planting a garden to seeing skyscrapers (that was Grayson's idea). It is going to be so much fun to cross things off of our list and I can't wait to see how much we do by the end of the summer. Even though this is only our first week of break, I'm quickly learning that although I'm not a planner and prefer to be spontaneous, my children thrive in structure and our days will have to be somewhat structured or we will all go a little crazy. Glad to learn this early in the summer, for sure! :)

Whitt went over to my mom's house this morning to play and I took Grayson and EC fishing and to the pool---a great day, and it was amazing how EASY everything was with only two children! :)

We are canceling our cable for the second summer in a row, I'm still off of Facebook, and my computer crashed last week (I'm borrowing Ben's work computer right now to blog) so it looks like we'll have an even more technology-free summer than usual----and we're actually looking forward to that. I hope everybody else is enjoying their summer so far, too!


Andrea said...

Look at EC posing with that fish! Love it! Can't wait to see you all!

Virginia Living said...

Love the idea of canceling cable for the summer! Might have to talk my husband into that. :)

Angela said...

LOVE SUMMER!!! I love looking at all the memories you are creating with your children this summer. So fun to look at!