Sunday, May 13, 2007

We'll miss you, Hogans!!!

Sadly, Grayson's best friend Henry moved to Indiana on Friday. Gretchen and Ben moved in across the street the summer that I was pregnant with Grayson, Christie was pregnant with Sanders, and Gretchen was pregnant with Henry. The three of us had a great time shocking the neighborhood with our enormous bellies while we sat under the sprinkler and tried to stay cool. Sanders, Henry, and Grayson were all born in August 2005 and we have had the best time being friends and neighbors with "The Hogans", as we call them. Ben is in the Navy and is being stationed in Maryland in July, but while he's in training in FL right now Gretchen and Henry have moved to Indiana to live with Gretchie's mom until the new baby is born. Friday was our last day together, and the kiddos had such a good time playing. Grayson has been asking about "Hay-ee" (Henry) all weekend and I get so sad every time I tell him that Henry moved away! Here are some pictures of our last day together...

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