Monday, June 25, 2007

First night and full day home

Our first night home went amazingly well! After having her first bath given by Mommy and Daddy, Emma Claire slept peacefully in her bassinet the whole night---we had to wake her up every 3 hours to nurse and get her diaper changed. What a change from our first night home with her big brother! :) Today was our first full day home, and we enjoyed a relaxing day with Ben's mom Nancy (or Gee Gee, as Grayson calls her) here to help us out. Mom came by this morning and spent some time with Grayson and Emma Claire before she flew back to Denver. Emma Claire slept for most of the day and posed for the occasional photo shoot, and Grayson played with his daddy and Gee Gee. I'm recovering well and feeling better and better as the days pass. Adjusting to the second baby is much easier than the first---not sure if that's because we've done this before or because Emma Claire is an easier baby. Either way, we are very, very happy and blessed!

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Sharon said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see her.... I'm the type to wait for awhile. I know, I know-- you're fine and you want visitors, but you need your own time, too. (and grandparents should be getting all the lovin' time).

See you soon! Thanks for sharing!
:) Sharon