Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free at last, free at last!!!

I'm officially OFF of bedrest and the terbutaline pump! Wooo hooo!! :) It's been a long (and boring) several months, but it obviously paid off----I'm over 37 weeks pregnant! There were many times when we thought Emma Claire would be born premature, and thankfully we're now past that point. The c-section is on June 21st, so now we're just waiting to see if she makes her arrival sometime in the next 11 days or waits until the scheduled date.

I'm thoroughly enjoying being off of bedrest. I took Grayson to the beach yesterday with some friends and their babies, and today Ben spent the day with Grayson so I could go to the beach with the girls and NO children. What a relaxing day!!! It is very rare that I can go to the beach without having to chase a toddler all over the place, and we mamas sure enjoyed just being able to SIT and read magazines! :)

I have lots of plans to take Grayson to the park, go walking, go out to lunch, and have a few beach days before Emma Claire is born---so hopefully she'll hold off a little longer so I can make up for the many weeks I spent confined to the couch. If she decides that she just can't wait to meet us, we'll happily welcome her and plan to do those things with a newborn in tow!

More updates to come soon....

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