Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 months old

Miss Emma Claire had her 2 month checkup today, and I'm happy to report that she's just perfect! I knew that already, of course! :) She is up to 11 lb and 22 3/4 inches long. She's gained over 4 lb and grown over 3 inches since she was born---it makes me feel good to know that my milk is doing its job!

After 2 months, I think I can finally say that I've got this parenting two babies deal under control. We have gotten into a nice routine that works for all of us...the best part of our routine is when BOTH kiddos nap at the same time every afternoon! It gives me a chance to catch up on chores without Grayson undoing everything as I do it or just a chance to lay down for a little while and take a break. I noticed the other day that when I eat lunch or dinner, I rarely sit for more than a minute at a time---I take a bite, then get up to put the paci back in EC's mouth. Then I sit down and take another bite, and then go get Grayson some more milk. Then I sit down and take a couple bites, and then go grab a paper towel to wipe up the applesauce Grayson has just flung onto the wall. Then I sit down, take another bite, and go put the paci back in EC's mouth again. We're going to visit Ben's parents this weekend so I'm looking forward to being able to sit down through an entire meal! :)

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Marie said...

You are so awesome! Reading this I can feel how calm you are in all of this -- so cool!

Grayson Victor road trip? :)