Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's new with us

Not much too exciting to report this week....we've been trying to stay inside as much as possible since the heat index has been over 110 degrees the past few days. Emma Claire had to go to the doctor on Tuesday after terrifying her parents Monday night with a little projectile vomiting episode. Turns out she just has acid reflux and is now on medicine to help with it. We are very glad that it's nothing serious! :) She's up to 9 lb 3 oz now and is still such a happy baby!

Grayson's vocabulary has all of a sudden started to explode and he surprises us with new words every day. He's beginning to try putting words together and it can be a hoot. Yesterday morning I ran upstairs to get EC dressed and when I came down the stairs, Grayson said to me, "Uh oh. Godder (water). Hat." What I saw was an empty cup of water, a very wet table and floor, and a basket on top of Grayson's head with water dripping down all over his face and clothes. By saying, "Uh oh. Godder. Hat.", he was saying to me: "Uh oh. I poured this cup of water into this basket and then put the basket on my head. I'm in trouble." I couldn't help but crack up, and Grayson cheerily helped me wipe up the wet mess. I've said it a million times, but I have no idea what we ever did without this kid! :)

Here are some pictures of Grayson with Vann and Sam at playgroup this morning (three worn out boys after swimming at the Grace's house) and of Emma Claire doing tummy time. I love the one of her grinning from behind her arm!

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Happy 'Lil Family said...

I also love the one of EC with her hands infront of her smiling... she looks like she is already really strong!!! Good Neck muscles!