Monday, February 11, 2008

A day in the life


7am--wake up, nurse Emma Claire
7:15--let Grayson out of his room, turn on cartoons
7:30--shower, get ready
8:00--fix breakfast for Grayson
8:15--take Grayson to school
8:30--grocery store
9:00--unload groceries, load and start dishwasher
9:15--put Emma Claire down for nap, start laundry, make beds, pick up toys, check e-mail
10:25--wake Emma Claire up, take her to physical therapy
11:00--come home, nurse
11:45--pick Grayson up from school
12:00--home, snack for Grayson, feed Emma Claire lunch
12:30--put both kiddos down for naps
12:30-2--unload dishwasher, vacuum, e-mail, pay bills, pick up toys, wash, dry, fold laundry
2:00--Emma Claire awake, nurse her again
2:30--play with Emma Claire
3:00--Grayson awake, play with both kiddos, go for walk
4:45-5:30--fix dinner
5:30--feed Emma Claire dinner
6:00--straighten up house
6:20--feed Grayson and Ben, eat dinner
6:45--movie with girlfriends (27 Dresses...cute movie!)
9:30--home, e-mail, blog

I think "stay at home mom" is a little misleading!! :)

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Andrea said...

Yes I would agree "Stay at home mom" is very misleading!

Michelle said...

Margaret, Thank you for praying for Ashley. I have been following her story for about 15 months now and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain.

Dena said...

ok - that is a crazy day but you get to the grocery store and home in THIRTY minutes? you are a machine - and y'all eat a lot! hahahah - annie had pt too, she didn't walk until she was 23 months!

Melissa said...

i could not agree with you more! I do, work 12 hours a week for a veterinarian. SO, technically i do work, BUT, stay-at-home mommy is def. a great job and more work than people think ;)
ps. your children are precious! i enjoy reading your blog ;)