Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Since it is V-Day and all....

13 things I love about my babies

1. They light up my world just by being my babies!

2. Grayson gives the best hugs and kisses.

3. Emma Claire likes me best (Ben has always been Grayson's favorite so it's nice to be somebody's fave).

4. Grayson is such a boy--he loves trains and balls and jumping off of furniture.

5. Emma Claire is my little girl--I get to do dresses and bows all of those fun girly things.

6. Grayson has just started singing. I love that!

7. Emma Claire loves nursing. I love the special bond that we share with breastfeeding. :)

8. Grayson plays so well by himself. He loves it when Ben and I play with him but he is so good at keeping himself entertained.

9. Emma Claire has the sweetest smile I've ever seen, and her whole being lights up when you look at her.

10. Grayson is a little sponge. It is so much fun hearing the new things that he says every day.

11. Emma Claire already has such a personality. She's a quiet baby who is content just observing the world around her, but at the same time she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know it.

12. Grayson and Emma Claire have identical laughs--it's hard to tell who is who when they're laughing together.

13. They both look just like their daddy, who of course is the love of my life! :)

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Dena said...

those are 13 fabulous things about your cute, sweet babies! happy day!

sle said...

you can email Happy Homemaker at to be invited to her blog!

Happy Homemaker said...

What a great list! And I LOVE the previous post about the hours in the day... you will love having that later!

I've decided to go private for now so if you'd like an invitation, just email me!

The Brannon Report said...

So sweet!! Your fabulous blog inspired me to do my own. I'm sure it'll get more visits once the baby is born - just looking at pictures of us is no fun, lol.