Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cabo trip

We had an awesome time in Cabo---and did I mention that it was a FREE trip!?? My parents bought the trip for us and Alan and Anna AND flew to South Carolina to take care of Grayson and Emma Claire while we were gone. How cool is that? Thanks SO much, Mom and Dad!

My college roommate Katie and her hubby Brian also stayed with us in our 2500 sq ft condo, which happened to be located in the prime whale-watching was amazing, every time we looked out at the ocean we could see whales jumping, splashing, and blowing water. Another college friend, Laura, and her hubby Roby, also happened to be in Cabo the same week so we spent lots of time hanging out with them, too. The boys went fishing one day and that night we had the tuna that they caught cooked for us at a local restaurant. YUM! :) Our week was so nice and relaxing---we literally did nothing but eat, drink, swim, lay in the sun, and shop. What a life!

Pictures below...
The living room in our condo

View from our balcony

Okay, this was crazy--it's called a rainbow shot (this was three shots---nine shot glasses per "shot") and it is mixed up in a shaker and then poured into all of the shot glasses. It magically comes out in a rainbow. Anna and I shared one and Ben and Alan each had one of their own. The night got a little wild after that! :

Brian catching a fish
Our group at Cabo Wabo---Ben, Brian, Roby, Laura, me, Katie, Anna, and Alan

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Anonymous said...

K, I'm your crazy imaginary friend who is posting to all your pics today! What an amazing view...looks like a blast, as most everything you do does!

Buffie said...

If your parents are interested, I am up for adoption!!

Andrea said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! How lucky...and!!

Christie said...

Looking at these pics makes me REALLY NOT LIKE YOU.