Friday, November 7, 2008

Haven't done this in awhile...

Since I'm using this blog as a sort of baby book for the children, I try to occasionally post things that they're doing, accomplishments, and current likes/dislikes. Here's the latest on my two little monkeys....


1. Is 3 years and 2 months old.

2. Wears "big boy underwear" during the day and pull-ups during naps and nighttime. He is doing very well with potty training and doesn't have accidents very often anymore. Yay, Grayson!

3. Gave up his pacifier a month and a half ago! I keep forgetting to post this great news! We were so worried that we'd waited too long to take it away but we just put it away one day and told him that he was a big boy and didn't need it anymore, and that was the end of it!

4. Still sleeps with Bubba, his bunny blanket. He discovered a few months ago that we actually have two Bubbas (I would exchange one for the other when it needed to be washed) and now insists sleeping with both.

5. Has been OBSESSED with all of the cars from the movie Cars for over a year. He has a different favorite every day and has to take them everywhere we go and sleep with them.

6. Loves french fries. They are a great bargaining tool! :)

7. Makes up silly words all the time to make us laugh. His latest is "taggerbooster"---he calls us taggerboosters and then cracks up at himself.

8. Can count to ten in Spanish. I had no idea he could do this until his parent/teacher conference a couple of weeks ago! Very cute!

9. Is getting ready to move from the toddler class (18 months to 3 year olds) to the primary class (3-6 year olds) at his Montessori school. He'll also start going five mornings a week instead of three. I observed in his new class this week and was amazed at how well three, four, and five year olds can work together, and the mentoring relationships between the older and younger children. We can't wait to see how Grayson does in his new class!

10. Has finally grasped the concept of counting, rather than just reciting numbers---he can count objects up to 6 now.

Emma Claire...

1. Is 16 months old.

2. Runs everywhere she goes and can climb just about everything---it's not unusual to find her sitting on the kitchen table.

3. Still has no interest in girly-toys like baby dolls. Grayson's cars and trucks are much more fun!

4. Cuddles more than any child I know! In fact, she's laying in my lap as I'm typing this---she loves to be held, hugged, and kissed. Can you believe it's one of my favorite things about her? :)

5. Can say: no, mine, down, snack, nana (banana), ma, da, bath, ball, door, sock, and shoe.

6. Knows animal sounds for: cat, dog, cow, duck, and sheep. 

7. Can identify her hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, hand, foot, and eye. Still working on nose and ear! :) 

8. "Talks to" animals--it's the funniest thing, whenever she sees a dog or a cat she immediately starts doing this high-pitched squealing babble that we know as her "animal talk". She chases our cat around the house "talking" to him, and even though she's terrified of dogs she loves watching them (from mommy or daddy's arms) and squealing at them. 

9. Sleeps with her pink bunny blanket (the pink version of Grayson's Bubba). We're still waiting for her to name it---for now it's "ba". 

10. Is in the 25th percentile for weight and height, but has the biggest tummy--she constantly gets comments on how huge her tummy is compared to her small size. The girl can put down some food! :)

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Andrea said...

Awww! Love hearing about what new things they are doing...I am jealous about your cuddle bug! Savannah will give me a quick hug or kiss and off she goes!

Molly's Mom said...

So sweet! I need to sit down and write all about Molly's new milestones!
Love the pictures you had done of the kids! Gorgeous!