Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girls' trip and piggies!!

Last weekend, Emma Claire and I went on a little girls' trip to visit my friend Laura and her family a couple of hours away. Emma Claire had a great time playing with Delainey and practicing being a big sister with baby Jacqueline (she needs more practice!). I also discovered that EC's hair is long enough for PIGTAILS!!! I can't get enough of those little piggy tails, but Miss Priss doesn't always like to keep her hair up. :) 

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Andrea said...

I LOVE the pig tails! ADORABLE!

Angela said...

OMGoodness! I love pigtails...Kelsey doesn't. :( If she will let you do them, do them! I'm not opposed to bribery either. :)

Erica said...

OMG! EC looks like a little NYC model with the dangle earrings and necklace. I absolutely love the expression on her face!!