Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where does he come up with this stuff???

So, on Friday I took Grayson to the grocery store with me while Ben was home working and Emma Claire was napping. He was literally bouncing off the walls and talking a mile a minute (not sure what was in the pizza they fed him for lunch at school...) so I figured he needed to get out of the house and spend a little one-on-one time with Mommy. We were having a good time and he was chattering away while I got the groceries that we needed. I was picking out veggies in the frozen foods section when all of a sudden Grayson says (very loudly, I might add), while pointing to a man standing a few feet away from us, "Mommy, bump into that guy!!". 

I burst out laughing, turned the cart around and walked away while trying not to wet my pants. :) I love this kid!!

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Alex said...

Ahhh! SO cute! I can't wait for Eli to have moments just like this in the future! :-)