Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soccer mom

Tyler and Emma Claire watching the game
Coach Uncle Brad carried Grayson for a little while after he took a tumble during the game....
Just happened to catch that tumble on camera :)

I now have the title of Soccer Mom. HA!!! :) Just kidding, but Grayson has joined a soccer league and has been having a blast. They have a practice one afternoon a week and a game every Saturday morning, and he's absolutely loves it. His team consists of three 4 year olds and three 5 year olds and it's pretty funny to watch them ALL chase the ball all over the field at the same time. :) These pictures were taken at his first game where he spent a good bit of the game in tears (oh, the drama of being 4!) but he's actually gotten a good bit better since then. At practice last week he (almost) scored a goal and didn't shed a single tear! :)

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Andrea said...

Go Grayson! He looks so cute in his little soccer gear!

Rebecca said...

Of course he cried! Gosh, I love that kid!

Angela said...

AW! I love it! I know he is enjoying himself! :)