Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Full house

Our wonderful friends (and former neighbors) Gretchen and Ben and their two kiddos, Henry and Ruby (who are EXACTLY the same age as Grayson and Emma Claire...seriously, 11 days apart and 10 days apart...it couldn't be more perfect!) spent 5 glorious nights with us last week. We had 4 adults, two 2 year olds, and two 6 month olds in our tiny house but it was honestly the most perfect way to end 2007 and begin 2008. We had SO much fun!! Besides partying for Ben and ringing in the new year, we did lots of catching up, playing with the kids, laughing, eating, and drinking. The two Ben's went fishing one day with Brad, Gretchie and I went shopping in Hilton Head one day, and Grayson and Henry kept us on our toes as they are both 2 and neither can say that sharing is his strength. They shared a room and it was hilarious to listen to them talking to each other on the baby monitor at night and in the morning....one morning we heard them arguing, "MY daddy...no, MY daddy!!" over and over and over. :)

Two and a half years ago, Christie and I were enormously pregnant with Grayson and Sanders and we were dragging some chairs into the lawn to sit under the sprinkler and escape the heat when a new neighbor waddled over and introduced herself as Gretchen. We quickly became great friends and spent the rest of the summer impressing the neighborhood with our huge bellies as we made a habit out of cooling off under the sprinkler in our swimsuits. Grayson, Sanders, and Henry were all born in August 2005 and we have remained the best of friends. Gretchen and Ben now live in Maryland but I feel certain that we'll make time to visit each other as much as possible. It's not often in life that you find friends where both the husbands and the wives are close, but we have definitely found that in "The Hogans", as we call them, and I thank God every day for their friendship. :)

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