Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 ways we have gone "green" (in honor of Earth Day, which was Tuesday):

1. We recycle everything that we can--paper, cans, plastic, and glass. Some weeks we have more recycling than we do bags of trash, and that just thrills me! :)

2. I take reusable bags to the grocery store. I got them at One Bag at a Time, for about $1 per bag, and a couple of the grocery stores actually give me a discount (20 cents a bag, but it adds up!) for using them. On the occasional visit where I forget the bags, I get plastic bags that I reuse for taking out dirty diapers.

3. We use compact fluorescent lightbulbs in the lamps that we use most often.

4. We turn the lights off in rooms that we're not using.

5. We don't let the sink faucet run when brushing our teeth.

6. We use green cleaners. I use lots of vinegar and baking soda (they clean almost anything!) and use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day household cleaners and hand soap, which use natural, renewable plant resources, are biodegradable, and have no harmful fumes. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products and highly recommend them!

7. I wash all of our clothes in cold water and hang many of them to dry.

8. I don't use the "heated dry" feature on our dishwasher. A dish towel works just as well and uses less energy (although a little more on my part!).

9. I rarely buy bottled water. A bottle from home filled with water from the tap works just as well.

10. I buy 90% of the children's wardrobe from Ebay and consignment sales. I'm very picky about their clothes and almost always get adorable boutique clothes for a fraction of the retail cost. I could probably do an entire blog post on my addiction to ebay. :)

11. All of the boxes that we used when we moved were pre-used, and I listed them on Freecycle after we were finished with them so somebody else could use them.

12. I use Freecycle to get rid of items we don't use anymore.

13. We eat many organic foods, especially milk, chicken, fruits, and veggies. Emma Claire eats only organic baby food.

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Dena said...

awesome - i hope not everyone buys on ebay - i am going to have to try freecycle cause i am always trying to get rid of stuff!

kidletsmum said...

Margaret, that is fabulous! Hooray for you!
I looooove discovering that people I like are greenies like me!

Andrea said...

Wow Margaret! Very impressive! I am not quite that good yet...but you did give me some good ideas of things I could/should be doing.

Melissa said...

I am a freak about green-ness ;) I always feel good with my bags from home to grocery shop. My husband is an electrical engineer for a power company, as you can imagine, ALL of our light bulbs are now flurst. I enjoy reading your blog. Maybe we will meet one day ;)