Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things that each of the kiddos are doing right now...

Grayson (2 1/2 years old):
1. Occasionally attempts to go potty
2. Sings his ABC's
3. Counts to 13--"1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,11,13!!"
4. Does not share with his sister
5. Talks a LOT (wonder who he gets that from?) :)
6. Wears his crocs on the wrong feet and is perfectly happy with that
7. Knows all of his colors
8. Happily goes to school three mornings a week
9. Sleeps from 7pm to 7am every night
10. Loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
11. Adores his daddy
12. Is pretty well behaved while in restaurants (I'm probably jinxxing myself by saying this, though)
13. Loves to get and give kisses and hugs!

Emma Claire (9 1/2 months old):
1. Crawls very quickly
2. Pulls up on anything she can reach
3. Is addicted to Ritz crackers and Gerber Puffs
4. Smiles at anybody who looks at her
5. Has had three teeth for a couple of months (she's a snaggletooth on top!)
6. Can hold her own bottle
7. Nurses two or three times a day
8. Loves her brother even though he isn't always nice to her
9. Was 17 lb 10 oz and 27 inches long at her 9 month appointment---25th percentile
10. Hates riding in the car
11. Takes two 2-hour naps every day
12. Is a mama's girl :)
13. Can say "bababababa, mamamamama, dadadadada, and yayayayaya"

P.S. My computer is in the shop again and this time won't be coming home (hard drive crashed and can't be fixed) so hopefully we'll get another computer soon and I can start posting pictures again!.
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Dena said...

Sad about the computer LOVE all the fun stuff the kids are doing!

Marie said...

Great idea Margaret! Hope your computer is on the mend before too long.

The Smith Family said...

That's too funny--Connor counts to thirteen, too!!! :) Hope you guys are all doing well!!! :)

Jenny said...

Where ya been??? Hope you guys are doing okay...I've been checking up on here but you've been MIA!