Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday party

We had a four-way birthday party for Grayson and three of his friends this past Sunday. They all have August birthdays so the mommies decided that we'd do one big party instead of four separate parties. Grayson and Sanders are the 3-year-olds and Vann and Anna Kate are the 2-year-olds. We had a pool party and the thunderstorms stopped just in time for a really fun party. Grayson's 3rd birthday is in eleven days so this helped him to start gearing up for the big THREE!!! 

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Andrea said...

What fun! Happy Birthday Grayson!!

(fairy) Godmother said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grayson! And ehem... my invite musta gotten lost in the mail ;) !!! LOL

Jenni said...

Great pictures Margaret! Looks like a fun party! :) Happy Birthday Grayson!!! :)