Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trip to Maryland

We spent a few days in Patuxent River, MD, with our great friends, Gretchen and Ben, last weekend. Ben had an architecture conference in DC (about an hour and a half away from Pax River) on Sunday so we decided to make a trip out of it so we could visit our friends. I've blogged about them before, but in case you're new to the blog and don't know about our friends, the Hogans (nickname, not really their last name), their little boy, Henry, is 11 days older than Grayson and their daughter, Ruby, is 10 days younger than Emma Claire. We couldn't have planned it better! :) Anyway, we try to get together every few months even though we live 9 hours away from each other, and this was another awesome visit together.

We arrived Friday afternoon and spent the rest of the day playing outside and catching up. The kids get along great (most of the time) and it was fun seeing how much fun they have together. On Saturday we spent part of the day being tourists in DC (my first time seeing the sights there!). It wasn't very easy with 4 children, 2 double strollers, diaper changes, lunch, and fussy babies, but we definitely made the most of it and were able to see a few of the DC highlights. We walked around and saw the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the White House, and a short tour of the Museum of Natural History. I can't wait to go back (without children!) and see even more---what an amazing city! 

Here are just a few of the almost 300 pictures that we took while we were there---how cute are these children?!?! :) Thanks so much for having us, Hogies---we love you all dearly!! 

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Andrea said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jenni said...

Those are great pictures Margaret! That's so nice that despite being 9 hours away that you still manage to meet up and get together! I love the pic of the boys in the little cute!

Christie said...

Look at Gretchie's hair!! It is a miracle that she has let it get that long!

Angie said...

The pics are great! It looks like you all had a great time together. I love going to Washington DC, there is so much to do and see.

Alex said...

Aw, you were in our 'hood! How did the kids like DC? I hope you all had a blast. Your blog is so cute, by the way!