Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grayson funnies

Grayson says the funniest things sometimes, and I always mean to write them down so I'll remember them, yet rarely get around to doing so. Here are a few funny things he's said lately:

1. Yesterday, we were driving back home from Columbia. It was raining, and I always say a little prayer for safety when I drive, so I decided to pray out loud with Grayson. I said to him, "Grayson, let's say a prayer. Dear God, please keep us safe as we drive back home. We love you! Amen." I was watching Grayson in the rear view mirror, and he was just staring at me. After a few seconds he said, "I'm NOT going to bed." He was so matter-of-fact, and it was too cute!! Guess we need to start praying at other times besides bedtime and meal times! :) 

2. This morning I was getting dressed and trying to do ten other things at the same time. I had on a pair of shorts and hadn't put a shirt on yet. I brought a load of laundry into the kitchen and then got Emma Claire down from the high chair. Grayson walked into the kitchen and saw me half-dressed:

Grayson: Mommy, put on a shirt.

Me: Nah, I'm just going to wear this today. Is that okay?

Grayson: NO! That is not okay!!! GO GET YOUR SHIRT! 

I couldn't stop laughing--at almost 3, he's already embarassed of me! :)

3. A little while ago I was at the kitchen table eating lunch with Grayson and Emma Claire. We were talking and I asked Grayson if Emma Claire is cute. He (of course) replied yes. I then asked him if he is cute, to which he replied, "no!". I asked if he is handsome, and got another "no". I then said, "well, if you're not cute and you're not handsome, what are you?" Grayson responded, in a tiny whisper, "I'm Grayson". :)

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Andrea said...

I love it! How cute!!

(fairy) Godmother said...


Lillian said...

If he isn't the cutest thing!!!

Emily said...

Precious! Though I am slightly jealous to hear you were in Columbia and I didn't know it!
Kids say the cutest things.

Michelle said...

Walker doesn't like to be called anything either. He always says he is "Wah'er"

The Smith Family said...

He's so sweet...I love how their little minds work at this age! :)

Marie said...

if that last little story isn't the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is!!!