Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gee Gee and Pop Pop's house

Playing with Pop Pop

Playing with friends Price and Bates---this was literally the ONE second that we got all three of them to sit together. :)

EC loves her big cousin, Alyssa 

We spent last weekend at Ben's parents' house and I'm just now getting a chance to upload pictures. They gave Grayson and Emma Claire their Christmas present a couple of months early---a swingset/playhouse! The children LOVE it! Thank you so much, Gee Gee and Pop Pop!

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kidletsmum said...

What great family fun pics! Your children always look so happy, Margaret. They are gorgeous.

The Smith Family said...

So much fun! I just love seeing pics of your kiddos! ;)

Marie said...

I agree with Kim, Grayson and EC always look so happy! I love EC's outfit too...soooooo cute!

Leslie said...

Hi! My name is Leslie and I found your blog through another blog. I love the look of it!! So cute! And your kids are too! We have a Pop Pop in our family too! For some reason you look you live in Greenville? Anyway, just wanted to comment on your cute blog. Got any blog suggestions for a newcomer? Mine is Check it out if you can. Is it ok to add your blog to my list of faves?