Monday, October 6, 2008

Morning at the park

Just for kicks--a picture taken at the same park almost exactly a year ago. Look how much they've grown!! 

Emma Claire and sweet James
going in for a kiss

"an airplane, Mommy!!"

We took advantage of the cool morning weather last Thursday and spent a fun couple of hours playing at the park with my friend Lillian and her little boy, James. I loved putting Grayson and EC in their fall clothes for the first time, even if we did have to go home and change into short sleeves later in the day. :) 

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Mandy said...

They are so cute! Can you believe how much they grow? Bittersweet. :)

Michelle said...

Don't you just love the change in season? Walker was so sad today when I told him that he couldn't wear one of his new outfits (one of our clothes show packages arrived). I love the nice weather we are having now, but I want to dress them in their new things.

Jenni said...

Great pictures! It looks like a beautiful day to play at the park!!! :) Emma Claire just has the sweetest little face! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS!! Love, Bec

Molly's Mom said...

Check out my blog. You won an Award!
Cute pics of the kids.

Lillian Thomas said...

We had such a fun time with you guys! I look forward to another park day next week! :)