Thursday, December 4, 2008

My holiday quirks...

Emily, one of my friends from Clemson, tagged me to list six quirky holiday things about me. Let's see if I can do this...

1. For some reason, I'm just not into Christmas this year. In fact, I wouldn't mind skipping it altogether. I don't know why I'm being such a scrooge, but I haven't bought a single gift, ordered a single card, or really made any plans to do so. I didn't even want a tree this year, but Ben put one up in our living room a few days ago. It doesn't have any lights or decorations on it, but it does make the house smell divine! 

2. I have put out a few decorations, which are starting to get me into the Christmas spirit. My Aunt Betty cross-stitches the most beautiful pillows every year and I have them hanging on every single door knob in the house. I love, love, love these pillows, and am always so happy when she sends a new one! Handmade gifts are the best!! 

3. We are a real-tree, colored lights kind of family. Fake trees and white lights just don't do it for me. It took some convincing to get Ben to love colored lights as much as I did---our first couple of Christmases we had a mixture of both. Now he doesn't even try to put white lights on the tree anymore. :) 

4. Going to the Christmas Eve service each year is my very favorite part of the season. I love the scripture, the hymns, the candle light...everything. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is what Christmas is all about, and I look forward to the Christmas Eve service, no matter which church we go to, every year. 

5. The Jessica Simpson Christmas album is one of my favorites. Sooooo cheesy, I know, but I love every single song on it! Her duets with Nick Lachey and her sister make me sing at the top of my lungs. Ben REFUSES to let me listen to it when he's in the car with me. :)

6. One year when I was in grad school, my roommates and I put colored lights lining the tops of our walls all the way around our living room. We used to turn out all of the lights except these and the lights on our tree, and sit around talking while we listened to Christmas music. We ended up loving them so much that they stayed up until we moved 8 months later. After Christmas was over we just looked like we lived in a Mexican restaurant. :)

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Courtney said...

Funny! Love, Love the Jessica cd too! Andy will also not stand for it to be played anywhere near him. Can't wait to bust it out this year. Don't know what I'm waiting for, It is Dec.5th!
Have good weekend.