Monday, April 20, 2009

Tutu attire

Emma Claire was invited to her friend Grace's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and the invitation said "tutu attire". Oh my goodness, this was the CUTEST little party with all of the one and two-year olds dressed in their tutus. They ended the party by going down the road to a new dance studio for a dance lesson---so precious!! Unfortunately, my good camera's battery died right after I took this picture and the rest of the pictures are on my little camera, and if anybody knows where I put the cord for that camera, please let me know! :) I'll add more pictures to this post when I find the cord, but for now you can see this one lone picture of my sweetie pie in her tutu! 

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Andrea said...

That sounds sooo cute! I was thinking "Oh...i have to do that for Savannah's birthday"...thinking that maybe her 3 year old party she may enjoy it a little better...I will have to put it in my memory bank for next year!!

Angela said...

AW! Love it!!! I can't wait to see the rest!