Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beach babies


Daddy, his coffee (at the beach??), and Emma Claire
precious girl :)

my little monkey

being chased by the waves...I love this one!
My parents recently bought a beach house not too far from us, and we hope to put it to use as much as possible! We went last weekend and had a blast---the children are at great ages for the beach this year and we're able to actually sit back and relax while they run around and play. Last year Emma Claire was crawling/walking all over the place, eating sand and shells and having no fear in the water, and this year she plays happily in shallow water and has no interest in snacking on shells. :) Grayson adores the beach and literally never stops moving while we're there. We love the beach! 

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Christie said...

Lots of updating tonight, Mags -- finally!

Jennifer said...

Loved the updates!

Angela said...

Oh dear. I must move to the beach. PRONTO.
I love the coordinating bathing suits. Seriously adorable!