Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of a kind!

Our precious Emma Claire is absolutely FULL of personality!! This child lights up our world in more ways than we ever thought possible. She is a silly, happy, daredevil of a child who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. She is very opinionated about what she wears (hence the boots while naked on the potty--which she drug out of the bathroom and into the playroom) and is already very adept at bossing everybody around. She's much more verbal than Grayson was at this age and she keeps us on our toes with new words and phrases daily. Ben and I thank God every day for our beautiful Emma Claire, and wonder how we ever lived without her. It's hard to believe that she'll be two in only six much as I'm dreading the terrible 2's that are quickly approaching/already arrived, I wish I could bottle up her chubby thighs, bright smile, and innocent little face...I know we'll blink and she'll be a little girl before we know it. :) 

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Andrea said...

She is too cute!!!