Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clemson girls weekend

Laura, me, Christie, Allison, and Rebecca

everybody but me enjoying a drink before dinner...

A group of my sorority sisters from Clemson and I get together twice a year---once in the fall for a football game and once in the spring for a beach weekend. Our beach weekend was a couple of weekends ago at Christie's in-laws' new beach house, and it was just perfect! Christie, Laura, Allison, Rebecca, and I didn't have enough time together---really only Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night---but the time we had together was fabulous. Lots of catching up, laughing, eating, drinking, and a little bit of snoring (sorry, Rebecca!) made for a very fun weekend. We missed our friends Robin and Deven who couldn't make it, and I'm already looking forward to our football weekend this fall. I love you girls!!! 

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Christie said...

I would say that there was a LOT of snoring going on!