Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where have I been?

It has been so hard to keep up with blogging recently because we have been BUSY!! It's officially summertime and we've been going nonstop since school got out a couple of weeks ago. Grayson is out of school for the summer and Emma Claire had a week-long break before she went back. She's in the toddler class at their Montessori school and they go year-round, so she's still in school three mornings a week, which has actually been pretty fun for Grayson and me. He and I have been enjoying lots of one-on-one time together that we haven't had much of since Emma Claire was born almost two years ago. He is such a joy to be with when he's by himself, and it's been great to spend so much time with him and literally watch him grow and learn before my eyes. He's finally learned most of his letter sounds and has started to make up "Once Upon a Time" stories---so cute! 

Besides hanging out with my little buddy, both children and I have been busy going to the beach and pool, out to lunch, playing outside, and just spending as much time together as we can. I know that once baby Whitt arrives (in three weeks!!) I'm not going to be able to devote as much time to Grayson and Emma Claire as I can right now, so we've been going full speed ahead and doing as many fun things together as I can come up with. I'm a little nervous about how Emma Claire is going to handle having a new baby in the house because she's become quite the mama's girl, so I guess in a way I'm trying to make it up to her in advance. :) 

Stay tuned...lots of pictures and updates to come! 

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