Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend at Gee Gee and Pop Pop's

We had a fun-filled weekend at Ben's parents' house this past weekend! On Saturday morning, Laura and Allison (also at the Clemson girls weekend) and their children came over to swim and eat lunch. Laura, Walt and Caroline got there first, and this was our first attempt at a group picture:
Caroline was not interested! :)
But after an hour or two in the pool, we managed to get some pretty cute group shots. Caroline (almost 3), Walt (5), Mason (1 1/2), Grayson (3 1/2), and Emma Claire (almost 2). Oh, the fun times I had with their mommies when we were in college! It's hard to believe that we are old enough to have children now! 

The next day we spent the day swimming and fishing (didn't take the camera down to the pond so no pictures of that, but Emma Claire managed to catch the first fish of the day on her little Dora pole). She loved jumping to Pop Pop in the pool...
...and swimming with the adorable Puddle Jumper life jacket that Gee Gee bought her. "I do it myself" was said about ten thousand times while she was in the pool. She did not want anybody helping her "swim"! 
Grayson wasn't big into swimming but did have fun playing on the steps and the sides of the pool...
Dylan, EC, and Grayson got some quality cousin time together...

and a wonderful weekend was had by all! Gee Gee and Pop Pop also babysat for us Saturday night so Ben and I could go out on a date---we had dinner at a delicious restaurant in downtown Greenville, Devereaux's, and I would recommend it to anybody in the Greenville area. We also saw the movie "The Hangover" and are still laughing about it days later. If you like raunchy humor, then it's a must-see. If you're easily offended, don't go! :) 

No more traveling for this Whitt will be here SOON! 

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Andrea said...

I love it! I thought about buying one of the puddle jumpers...since EC likes it so much I may just have to.

LIFE with John Parker said...

Margaret you look fabulous for having two kids and one on the way! Awesome! Does that puddle jumper help EC keep her head above water and to keep her head from tilting towards the water? Let me know, because JPR needs one!!!

Courtney Rambo

Graham Like the Cracker said...

Such a cute preggo mommy.

Alton calls my dad Pop Pop too. :)

We thought The Hangover was awesome too.

Margaret said...

Courtney, the Puddle Jumper keeps their head above water probably as much as swimmies on their arms would---they are floating but have to know not to let their face tilt down into the water. It took EC a few minutes and she figured out how to keep her face out of the water. I really like it and think we'll use it a lot! It's also coast guard approved so you can use it on boats, too. Much more comfy than the huge life jackets that my two hate to wear! :)