Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 months old

My beautiful boy turned four months old on November 2nd and I can hardly believe it. His fussy times are getting fewer and farther between, and his little smiley face is showing itself more and more. Whitt weighed 15 lb even at his checkup, and I have no clue what his length was...if this had been Grayson I would be able to tell you the length AND head circumference, but by the 3rd child you're just lucky to remember that you even have a checkup scheduled! :)

He has started laughing like crazy and it's just the sweetest sound in the world. He loves being sung to and tickled, and could watch his big brother and sister all day as long as they stay a safe distance away. He's not a huge fan of them getting in his face, but since he basically has no choice I'm sure he'll eventually get used to it! We have a "feet only" rule--meaning they can only touch/kiss his feet since they go to school and bring home who knows what kind of germs--but Ben and I have to stay on top of them to remember to follow this rule. He actually hasn't been sick at all (not even a cold!) except for a thankfully short bout with the flu a couple of weeks ago. Believe it or not, the piggy flu isn't nearly as bad (in a normally healthy person) as the media makes it out to be. Whitt and I both had it and were back to normal within a few days.

He can roll from tummy to back but doesn't do it often, and is getting close to being able to roll from back to tummy. He is starting to tolerate tummy time better and I'm hopeful that he'll actually start to enjoy it soon.

Likes: being held, his paci, nursing (still exclusively breast fed, although he did have a couple bottles of formula this past weekend with a babysitter since I didn't have any milk pumped), being talked to, being tickled, chewing on his hand, going outside, his bouncy seat, bath time, having a clean diaper on, and watching his big brother and sister.

Dislikes: his car seat, riding in the car, having a dirty diaper on, being put down, sleeping all night :), loud noises, bottles, and being poked/pulled/climbed on by big brother and sister.

Having a third child has been a huge adjustment for us, especially after having a second child wasn't too difficult---I think my expectations were much higher than reality has been---but I absolutely adore this precious boy and know that things will continue to get easier as he gets older. I would love for him to sleep better but I do, in a strange way, enjoy that special one-on-one quiet time that he and I get together when I'm up nursing him a million times during the night. He might just be our last baby so I am trying to cherish and remember each and every stage.

I love this sweet boy so darn much!!! :)

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I heart said...

Awww, he's so adorable. Almost makes me want another one... almost!

Andrea said...

Love his outfit! Amazing how different it looks on a 4 month old from my little newborn wearing it : )

Marie said...

Margaret, I can completely relate when you say how you love that one on one time w/Whitt all through the night. I distinctly remember feeling exactly the same way when nursing Katie in the wee hours of the morning. It's a crazy illogical thing but it's so true. He's a beautiful little boy.

Angela said...

I can not get over how big he is! He looks so much like Grayson. He is C U T E!!!! I'm glad things are getting better!