Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cutest baby shower ever!

My friends Christie, Hunter, and I threw their sister-in-law Elizabeth a baby shower on Saturday and it was mighty cute, if I do say so myself. Elizabeth and Graham are naming their baby girl Collins, so we did a "C is for Collins" theme. I found a very talented and easy to work with seller on Etsy (a favorite website of mine---that could be a blog post in itself!) who made our invitations, banner, cupcake flags, favor tags, etc., and I think they turned out perfectly.

Check it out....

Elizabeth, the adorable mama-to-be

Sanders, Tyler, and Harper---three of Collins' cousins

Anybody need a party planner? I think I could get into this!! :)

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JoAnna said...

*Seriously* adorable, Margaret! You guys did a great job! Everything looked beautiful. I love throwing parties so I'm going to bookmark that seller, she does really cute stuff.

5 Boys And Me said...

Wow!  Your decorations and cupcakes and cookies are awesome!  Whoever made the cupcakes and cookies did a great job - I love the colors!

Angela said...

SUPER CUTE! Love the colors, cupcakes, cookies, banner and flowers. They POP!