Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joint venture

Three of my good friends (and also fellow bloggers: Christie, Lauren, and Jen) and I decided to start a collaborative blog of random thoughts and musings. We are excited to see how it goes, and would love for you to check it out! It's a little more anonymous than our individual blogs are so we won't be using our real names or kids' names. Lauren's husband, Andrew, recently found a list of preppy nicknames in The Offical Preppy Handbook and thought it would be hilarious to start calling me Muffie, so in case you're wondering who Muffie is on the new blog, it's me! Not my first choice of nicknames but there's not much you can do when other people give you a nickname---case in point, Christie's name "Trixie" was given to her a couple years ago at a drunken Christmas party and it stuck. :)

The new blog is called Three Rights and a Left, and you can find it HERE!

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I heart said...

I'll follow! :)

Angela said...

ME TOO! :) Love the favorite things post!

Jodie said...

it's so fun! great work i just have to keep my cast of characters straight...i just dont know how yall find the time!