Thursday, February 11, 2010

Easy Valentine's Day craft

This week Grayson and I did a really cute, easy Valentine craft that I stole borrowed from my friend Angela, who got the idea from Skip to My Lou. We made adorable little butterfly Valentines for all twenty five of his classmates, and according to Grayson, they were a hit. :)

I printed the butterflies using the Skip to My Lou template, then cut them out while Grayson was napping. I stuck a lollypop into each butterfly, he glued heart-shaped confetti onto the butterflies, and we glued googley eyes to the lollypops. That's it! So easy, although by the end Grayson was pretty much over it and I ended up doing the last several myself. :)

Then I also stole borrowed a teacher gift idea from Angela. SO EASY! I bought bottles of hand sanitizer, peeled the labels off, used Goo Gone to get the sticky stuff off the bottles, stuck heart/Valentine scrapbook stickers on the bottles, and tied gift tags (cut from the same card stock I printed the butterflies onto) with pink ribbon to the necks of the bottles, and they were done! So easy, and a great gift for your favorite teachers!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Hairstons said...

VERY VERY cute!!!

EntertainingMom said...

aren't you a clever little thief! ;)

Marie said...

so cute!

Angela said...

AW! Thanks, Margaret! Wish I could take credit for the cute ideas, right? hahaha. Glad that you all had fun! It's things like this that our kiddos will look back and remember with a smile. :)

These are the Days! said...

Adorable!!! I was so bad and forgot a teacher gift...gasp!! I felt so bad when I picked Connor up at school and realized this...maybe it's not too late! Love these "borrowed" ideas! ;)