Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My littlest munchkin

My sweet, sweet baby Whitt....there are hardly words to describe how amazing this child is. I could seriously just eat him up every second of the day! He is the most precious, snuggly, happy, affectionate little boy, and I thank God every day for blessing our lives with him. Whitt hasn't had the easiest life so far---he's been going to occupational therapy, physical therapy, and early intervention five days a week for the past eight months due to his developmental delays, but he's made so much progress. He turned 15 months a few days ago and just started taking some steps---we couldn't be prouder! His early interventionist recently cut back to seeing him just twice a month instead of once a week, and just this morning his OT decided to start seeing him just once a week instead of twice. I'm not sure what his therapists' outlook for him is, but I'd love for him to graduate both PT and OT in the next couple of months---and if he keeps progressing the way he has lately, I feel certain that will happen. :)

Sweet Whitt also needs some prayers, if y'all don't mind. He has to have a little surgery next Wednesday to remove a cyst from his skull on his forehead. It's not a major surgery or anything, and the cyst is perfectly harmless, but he will have to undergo general anesthesia and the surgery will last about two hours. He's already had a CT scan to determine exactly where the cyst is and how far in his head it goes, and his doctors are highly respected at MUSC so we feel very comfortable knowing that he will be in good hands. However, he's our baby and we love him so much that we are more than a little nervous about this. We'd appreciate prayers for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery for our precious Whitt.

And now for his 15 month stats, just so I can remember them since I still don't have a baby book for him (poor third child!):

weight: 22 lb 6 oz (25th percentile)

height: forgot already...need to call the pediatrician and ask...but it's in the 50th percentile

diaper size: 4

clothes size: 12-18 months

words he says consistently: mama, cat, uh oh, more, meow, red

sleep: still taking two naps a day (1.5 hour morning nap and 2-3 hour afternoon nap) and sleeps from 7pm to 7 am

teeth: he has a mouth FULL of sixteen teeth!

other fun things he's doing: waves by holding his arm up in the air, smiles at everybody and will go to anybody--this boy has never known the meaning of stranger anxiety :), crawls all over the place, pulls up on furniture, cruises around furniture, climbs up stairs (hasn't mastered going down them yet--he wants to go down face first!), blows kisses, and gives hugs by laying his head down on your shoulder.

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LSU Melanie said...

Hugs and prayers from New Orleans!!

Pinot after Playdates said...

we will remember whitt and your whole family every night in our prayers, what a good mama he has!

Anne said...

What a beautiful boy! So glad to hear he's progressing and doing well. Rest assured we'll be praying for your sweet little man (and his parents!) as y'all get ready for his surgery. Keep us posted!

Mandy said...

We will keep you guys in our prayers. :)

Isn't early intervention wonderful? It's amazing what kind of progress children make at a young age.

Andrea said...

What a sweet boy! Can't wait to see you all again! I will keep him in my prayers!

Elizabeth said...

We will certainly keep Whitt (and his parents!) in our prayers! He's such a cutie ~ enjoyed seeing him at Squealin' on the Square this past weekend!

Alle said...

Poor little guy...and mom and dad!!! I will definitely pray for him and hope that he makes a speedy recovery! He is absolutely adorable!

Micah said...

We will for sure keep Whit and the whole fam in our prayers! Hugs to you!

Angela said...

Sweet buddy! I'm sure you could kiss that sweet face ALL DAY LONG! Kudos to you for being so on top of the early intervention--I'm a big believer in that. I know you are super proud of him for continuing to progress!
Definitely sending you guys mucho prayers while he undergoes the upcoming surgery. I'm sure you'll keep us posted on fb...you better, missy! :)

Casey said...

We certainly will keep him & YOU in our prayers!!! I know it's hardest on Mama! :o(

So glad that you've got great doctors guiding y'all through all of this!

Ashley Seawell Photography said...

that photo of whitt is beautiful! also - praying for his surgery. i know you will breath a sigh of relief when it is over.