Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surgery update

Thank you for all of your sweet notes and prayers for our precious Whitt. His surgery was yesterday and it went really well. We got to MUSC at 7am and he did surprisingly well after not having anything to eat or drink since the night before. He got checked in and went to the pre-op area and was given a little medicine to make him relax a bit so he could be taken away from us without freaking out. Here's a picture of him not long before they took him back to the operating room. The little marks on his head were where the doctor had written with marker right above the cyst so they knew where they'd be operating--I guess it's routine to write on the patient where you're going to operate so you don't accidently cut them open in the wrong spot.

The surgery took right around 2 1/2 hours, which was a little big longer than we expected it to take. It was a LONG time for our baby to be away from us and under general anesthesia, but we knew that he was in good hands and that he had many, many people praying for him so we really had a sense of peace about the whole thing. There was a clock on the wall in the waiting room that I swear had the loudest second hand though--it was almost rubbing it in how slowly time was passing by. They called us from the OR when an hour had passed by and let us know that everything was going well, and about thirty minutes after that the ENT came out and said he'd gotten the cyst out and the plastic surgeon was working on closing his face back up. About an hour later, the plastic surgeon came out and told us that she was finished, and fifteen minutes later a nurse came to take us to the recovery area to be with our sweet boy who was not feeling so hot. He had a reaction to the anesthesia and threw up for a few hours, but they gave him some anti-nausea medication and he stopped throwing up by the time we got back home (although I am still not sure why they sent us home from the hospital with him throwing up---his car seat was covered in vomit....not fun) and he slept for 14 hours straight last night.

Whitt is back to his normal self today, besides a big shiner on his eye. Even though the cyst was on his forehead above his eyebrow, the doctors made the incision underneath his eyebrow so one day when his eyebrows thicken and darken the scar hopefully won't be as noticeable as it is now. If anything, he'll just look a little tougher! :)

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!! We appreciate each and every one of them!!! xoxoxoxo

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Anne said...

He DOES look like a tough guy! So glad it went well and it's behind y'all now. What a brave little man Whitt is!

Andrea said...

So glad to hear everything went well!!

Alle said...

Margaret! He is so pitiful, but still absolutely adorable! I am so glad it went well and hope he continues to feel better. Hopefully this will be your last trip to the operating room for a while!

I heart said...

First of all, I still can't get over how much he looks like Grayson!
Second, he looks like he got into a fight with the neighborhood bully! LOL Shiner or not, he's absolutely adorable.

Mary Loyal said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!