Friday, October 15, 2010

Resiliency and pumpkins

Whitt and I went on a date this morning to the Methodist church "pumpkin patch". It's amazing how resilient children are---you'd never know he had surgery just two days ago, aside from the shiner he's sporting. He was his his usual happy self, and he loved checking out all of the pumpkins. Just for fun, here's a picture I took of him at the same place last year--what a difference!

Okay, first of all, is this not the most awesome pumpkin you have ever seen? It's the beauty we brought home with us today and I am so obsessed that I just might have to go back and get a few more. I think gray might be the new orange when it comes to pumpkins at our house this year.

Now, on to the best part of this post. My cute little Whitty. I could just eat him up!!!!! Love this little dude so much it's ridiculous. :)

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Alyson said...

So great to see happy, smiley pictures of sweet Whitt! I am so glad the surgery went well and that it is behind you! Oh, and I want a grey pumpkin :)

Peppermint Bee said...

Adorable as always!

Shannon said...

Isn't it just amazing how quickly the change from one year to the next? Just now reading about your son's surgery but I'm glad all went well. I have very similar pictures of my daughter from our first trip to the pumpkin patch!